Empowering CSOs & NSAs

Supporting to regulate the domestic timber market

NDF Engages all stakeholders

Including Local Communities

Promoting Sustainable Forest Management

Helping reduce Greenhouse gas emissions

By promoting Efficient Energy Production

Do you want to help protect nature?

Our Projects

Our Projects

Nature and Development Foundation (NDF) is formed in recognition of the need to bridge the disconnection between nature conservation and development. NDF has generally been involved in conserving remaining forests and working in partnership to promote sustainable forestry and development of forest fringed communities.
The beginning of the road

The beginning of the road

Nature & Development Foundation (NDF) was born out of the long presence of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), when its West Africa Regional Office in Abidjan was closed due to the civil war in the mid-70s.


Wish to help care for the sustenance of our natural resources? Thinking of how to protect the forestry and wildlife sectors? Then get in touch to see how.



Gbeila Aliu Wahab
I must say, if there were many organisations with similar interest like Nature and Development Foundation-West Africa, our planet will remain same for generations upon generations.
Samuel Kweku Bio Dzidzornu
I love what Nature and Development Foundation is doing, I only hope the get the needed resources to continue their great work of enhancing the preservation of our planet cover over generations.
Building a society in which human development and nature conservation complement each other.