GIS students pay study visit to NDF

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Nineteen Biology students of the Ghana International School (GIS) have paid a study visit to the office of Nature and Development Foundation at the University of Ghana in Accra.

The aim was to keep the students up-to-date with forestry issues particularly on the level of global conservation and its effects on species.

It  was also to enlighten them on threatened and endangered species in Ghana as well as the kind of enumeration, identification and conservation methods employed in forest management.

On the issue of conservation methods, NDF believes that logging is good but must be done sustainably. This is because when trees are left in the forest for a long time they eventually die. Therefore rather than being left to die, it is economical to log them at their matured stages to make some fiscal gains for the country and as well give way for new ones to germinate.

They students were informed that apart from NDF, other NGOs similarly play critical roles in the conservation of biodiversity in Ghana.

Video documentaries were shown to the students on how poaching and sustainable logging is done in Congo as well as how Ghana celebrated its first Earth Hour; an event which also stresses on the need to conserve energy for favourable environmental conditions.


Related Pictures of the visit

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