Generating 600MW of power from forest plantations

Plantation forestry accounts for only 7% of total forests cover but responsible for about 40% of industrial round wood supply. According to WWF Living Forest Report, the world needs to establish additional 4-5 million ha of plantation per year over the next 40 years in order to stop the deforestation of valuable and threatened natural forests. However, it was realized that only well-managed and appropriately located plantations can play an important role in healthy, diverse and multi-functional forest landscapes and can thus provide conditions that are compatible both with biodiversity conservation and human needs. In addition, only appropriately established plantation industry can contribute to economic growth and poverty reduction.

In recognition of this, a New Generation Plantations (NGP) project was created by WWF to develop and promote the adoption of improved practices in plantation forestry and land-use decision making.

The NGP project is a dialogue with major plantation companies and governments that aims to catalyze significant momentum towards better plantation management and land-use decision making.

African Plantation for Sustainable Development Ltd. (APSD), a forest plantation company, has established a large scale fast growing forest plantations to feed a power plant for energy production in the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana. The planned plantation area is expected to produce some 600MW of power to feed the plant. APSD is committed to develop a mosaic plantation system where forest plantation are integrated and contributed to sustainable livelihood, biodiversity conservation, infrastructure development, GHG emissions reduction, economic growth and poverty reduction.

In the context of the New Generation Plantation project, Nature and Development Foundation (NDF) and APSD intend to cooperate for the development of well managed forest plantations that take into account the need for;

i. Maintaining ecosystems integrity

ii. Protecting and enhancing HCVs

iii. effective stakeholders involvement

iv.  Contributing to economic growth and employment creation.

NDF has assisted APSD in pursuing forest stewardship council certification and engaged stakeholders at community and government level, facilitated the assessment and management of High Conservation Value forest in the concession.

Sponsors: African Plantation for Sustainable Development Ltd.

Project Duration: June 2013 –



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